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A transgender woman should never be a carpenter because they will never be able to get wood again!

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Fitting in…

It’s not quite eleven o’clock tonight. I spent the day after five thirty at the parking lot, and later the actual building, of the Santa Fe Opera House. There was a great group of people I hung out with, a … Continue reading

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Priviledges of the cis gender…

Bet you never thought of most things on this list. If you identify as the physical gender you were born with, there are a host of privileges you have and don’t even know. Here is a good article and list … Continue reading

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thoughts on male priviledge from the other side…

Here is an interesting article on male privilege from the opposite view point of mine. A few posts down I have a video where I discuss this topic. It leads me to ask the question, is male priviledge just a … Continue reading

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Classmates took very different paths…

Here is the link to my Op-Ed column in the Lewiston Sun-Journal.

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Here is a four minute monologue on reactions of people to my gender shift. Feel free to share this with anyone it may help!

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is being a man or woman easier? and other questions answered.

This video answers a set of questions revolving around the differences in males and females and my perspective on it. It’s a little more informal than the last video I posted as I didn’t memorize my script. I wanted to … Continue reading

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A Lion, A Willie and a Saguaro

This is a monologue I wrote for Shattering the Silence in Alamogordo, NM. It was performed in February this year in conjunction with the V-Day events. In this monologue I talk about my gender shift journey. It is serious, funny … Continue reading

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Hoffman on Tootsie roll (not Tootsie Rolls)

Hoffman on roll in Tootsie     The clip above has made, and is making, the rounds on the internet this morning. It deserves to be shared. Hoffmans insight on women as a man is no doubt profound. First of … Continue reading

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I’m a magician!

yes, I disappeared for a while. On purpose. I’m not really back to blogging yet, but wanted to let all know that I’m doing great. Now is “ME” time. I will start posting again about my reflections and experiences in … Continue reading

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