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the Pat effect (Pat from the old SNL skits)

I took one of my friends out this past weekend for a sunny Sunday mid-afternoon meal. We found a table dappled in sun on an outside patio at a nearby establishment. A couple glasses of wine with our fish dishes … Continue reading

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For those of you who care about this sort of thing, I met with my endocrinologist this morning. Everything is going well and I’m taking to estrogen like a tilapia to a dinner plate. Hmmm. maybe the tilapia doesn’t like … Continue reading

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Some of you may be wondering why I chose the middle name Snow. It’s simple really. I love snow!!! I feel there is nothing more beautiful than a snow storm in April that covers up the ugly dirty snowbanks and … Continue reading

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no, I just don’t like the color pink. sorry to disappoint everyone.

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Lying on the edge of a star…

Th song Out of the Dark by Matt Hires has some masterful lyrics. Initially the line he uses to start his chorus was what drew me to the song when I was living in the bush on a concession of … Continue reading

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Many people are curious as to what hormones I take and what they do. I take a medication called Estradiol which is taken as an injection in my thigh every two weeks. Estradiol is estrogen. Yes, I do it myself. … Continue reading

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Pg 248: What I have come to realize is that no matter how much light one attempts to throw on this condition, it remains a mystery. …Having an opinion about transsexuality is about as useful as having an opinion on … Continue reading

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There have been some people questioning why I did not decide on Justine for a new name. Well, that is simple. Because I hate that name. Okay, okay, hate is a strong word. I seriously dislike that name.

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One of my friends recently wrote me the following “Justin, If the process impacts your love of beer then you might want to reconsider. So that means no asking for a mango margarita the next time you come over and … Continue reading

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Pg 246: A transsexual’s womanhood is examined, considered, and criticized much more relentlessly than that of other women…. Women born women are given the right to define womanhood on their own terms. a quote from Boylan’s book, She’s Not There.

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