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I am a transgender woman

  I don’t often fall into these type of things that everyone is doing, but this time I thought it would be fun to go with the trend and create a poster of who I am as a transgender woman. … Continue reading

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I just noticed an add on TV about vaginal yeast infection. I’ve seen these commercials before, we all have. I just realized I have never had to care about them before and pretty soon I’m gonna care about them quite … Continue reading

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He may have been the best reason for me to have changed my name from Justin to April and no longer want to be associated with the male gender” ~Me on Justin Bieber

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second counselor…

Met with the person who will hopefully be my second counselor giving doctors permission to, well, operate on me. I had to go through my life story with her and that’s the first time in a loooooong time that I … Continue reading

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babies and sex…

I’m not going to make any profound statement the like of “you can have babies if you have sex” or “if you have sex, you may have a baby.” What this post is about is the male and female minds. … Continue reading

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It’s a catch 22 of sorts and I’m trying to find a way out, but finding your way out of a circle is difficult. Some will automatically now ask if this means I’m questioning going through with the final surgery … Continue reading

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