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last estrogen shot…

YEAH!!! and WHOA!!! Yeah because I had what should be my last injection of estrogen. Once I go through surgery, I need a much smaller dosage and can take it orally. No more getting out the syringe, wine and estradiol … Continue reading

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respect the cock…

This post is for my dear brother. He loves his fine rum from Barbados. Usually he and I drink Mount Gay, but I felt it important to respect the cock at this point in my life, though my brother may … Continue reading

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veils of friendship…

This winter has been a rough one for me. I find myself finally being able to deal with and adjust to some new realities. It’s far from a quick process to make adjustments but the mere realization of what needs … Continue reading

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Payin’ for it…

I was thinking as I set up the wire transfer for the big chop chop surgery just now, that this was the most I’ve ever paid for, um, a female part. Then I stopped myself and realized that I’m getting … Continue reading

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I was reminded of the importance of confidence the other day, a virtue I’ve always felt was of the utmost importance. I will say upfront that confidence and it’s importance should be far removed and guarded against turning into over-confidence, … Continue reading

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Often times I find myself a person whom my friends go to for moral support, to vent, and to just plain talk with about things. I usually have plenty of energy to be able to do this for my friends. … Continue reading

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done… :)

Yes! The letters from both of my counselors are both done!! YEAH!! I had another meeting with my second counselor and it went well, obviously. She’s a hoot. Had a great time talking. It’s so much more fun when you’re … Continue reading

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