Healing is underway…

I figure it’s time for a good update as to how I’m doing, for you and for me.

I’m still hanging out in San Francisco, thought I have moved to a quiet motel in with a lovely courtyard just a few blocks from the Marina Green and Golden Gate park area. It’s flat around the immediate area, has plenty of god shopping restaurants and places for walking or sitting and reflecting… healing. I’ll be here through Wednesday the 24th.

I am quickly learning to be less self reliant and ask for help, accept help, from others. My family is chief among the help. My brother changed his weekend plans the last few days and flew back out here… across the country to help me. He convinced me to ship my car back home on a car hauler and fly home to heal and make it easy on myself. In a classic “T” (T is my car) moment, he overheated a bit and started spewing green antifreeze out the pressure release cap and all over the haulers new trailer when driven up the steep incline. T does not like the fact we’re not going the trip back together! That could be an entire post on it’s own.

My brother Lucas and I spent some quality time together. Some time that I a so appreciative for. He was there to see the last of the bandages removed from my face. My brother saw my new face first! Though still swollen, healing and with stitches he was there. He has helped me get on a better schedule. Up at 7am, stay up all day now! Eat, take meds, brush teeth, walk, eat, brush teeth, gently massage face, eat, more meds, brush teeth, go to bed. Scheduling has always been a strong point of his.

I’m basically off all my pain and anxiety meds and only taking my antibiotics. I can stay up all day, I can walk fairly well for a good part of the day. I am healing.

When I get home I need to be careful. I need to take my time to heal so, my friends, be patient with me. I have to basically keep my face in a bubble for the next six weeks but I can actually do that cause the bubble could also damage my face. I have to be careful about the simplest things… a hug, a stray arm hitting me, the corner of a cupboard. I’m not even allowed to wear anything… that is anything, around my forehead for three months. That is the thinnest and most vulnerable part of me now… well, besides my heart.

Hey, basically I’m doing spectacular and the docs say I’m doing as perfect as they’ve ever had a patient do. That fact doesn’t take away that I just had some major surgery to my face bones for ten hours plus two hours to get the two things that have always distracted men from looking at a womans face.

I feel so blessed to have so many supportive friends and family. In the transgender community, you just don’t hear stories like this about a transition thus far. Okay, you do hear those stories but they are called fairy tales.

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