I’ve been silent for a while here. I was visiting family and friends back in Maine (also a trip to Aruba with a friend!), can’t leave out the fabulous brunch in Boston!

More insights from the trip later (it went spectacularly well!) but for now I am decompressing. There is a lot to digest from all the happenings of seeing family and friends, laying on the beach in a bikini and getting hit on by old men (and a couple younger ones too!)

I am fried. It’s times like these that I would like to be able to wrap up in someones arms, be held and wake up in the morning in the same position. I wonder if my wishes have all been granted though and maybe that one will never materialize. Not that I expect it to happen now, but the loneliness does get to me at times.

On a physical note, I have pretty much complete feeling in my forehead now. My scalp is starting to get feeling too. The odd thing about that is it feels like I need to itch it constantly yet if I try to, I can’t feel a darn thing and therefore it just always itches. weird.

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