I figured this was a simple way to answer some common questions I get. I will put some of the more off the wall questions on my blog.


Q: How does one ‘become’ (for lack of a better word) transgendered?

A: Gender Identity Disorder is when a persons brain doesn’t match their physical gender. There has been a lot of medical and scientific research that shows my(and other transgender folks) brain was wired this way from birth. It is not something I am choosing. Although I can’t change my brain, I can change my body. This is the only effective treatment for this diagnosis.


Q: Do you like women or men?

A: I like women. Always have and that hasn’t changed. It sometimes does change after one starts hormone therapy, however I’ve been long enough on hormones that if it was going to change it would have by now.


Q: Why the name April? and what is your middle name?

A: I wanted to keep with a time period appropriate first name. Many names I liked were ruled out due to past experience: friends, past relationships, etc. Some names such as Jamie can also be a male name and I wanted to stay away from that. April happens to be six months(opposite on the calendar) from my original birth month of October which I feel is quite funny since I’m shifting to the opposite gender. Plus, I just like the name April.

As for my middle name, I went all hippie and decided on Snow. I love snow and feel there is nothing more beautiful than an April Snow storm.


Q: What do I call you now?

A: Whatever you are comfortable with. Right now (May 2011), I am living part time as female and part time as male. This is a necessary transition period to living full time as female which I expect to happen in late July 2011. Online and on the phone please feel free to use whatever name you feel comfortable with, Justin or April. In person, I hope you would use whatever name is appropriate at the time. If I am presenting as Justin, then that name would be appropriate. If I am presenting as April, that name would be appropriate. I’m sure it will be a little odd for both of us at first, but I expect that will quickly fade.

UPDATE: okay, I’m April full time now so April would be appropriate. AJ is still fine too if you need that transition time or are just a rebel :) but if you can help it, and I know slip ups happen, No more Justin, him, he, or his etc. Thanks.


Q: How will I know if you are presenting as April or Justin?

A: Hopefully this will be fairly obvious.  As Justin I don’t wear any make-up. As Justin I don’t wear skirts and heels. I have uploaded a few pictures on this site under the appropriate heading to help familiarize yourself with April.


Q:  Do you see yourself as a tomboy or a girlie girl? Or will you be a combination of the two?

A: I’ve always seen myself as an athlete going through life thus far. I’ve been able to get away with wearing fine Italian suits, jeans and t-shirts(I mean flannel cause we grew up in Maine), or anything strange I felt like at the time (ex: bandanas in the Bruce Springsteen era).

My experience thus far is more limited as a female, though I am quite proud of my closet! In truth I see a combination of athlete/girlie girl. For practical purposes I have to wear things that are easy to move around in while exercising and thus I spend a lot of time in those clothes. However I’m pretty sure that I have a cute skirt fetish. And I absolutely love dressing up!!


Q: Is it okay to talk with April about Justin and the past?

A: Absolutely! I am who I am and my past is as much of me as yours is of you.


Q: Do you really think you’ll be able to walk normally in heels?

A: Heels aren’t a problem at all, it’s getting off waterproof mascara that is difficult!


Q: Who knows about what is going on with you? Is it okay if I talk about it with others?

A: As of now I have let many people know. Most of my close friends and family have known for a few months and I recently let more friends know about what is going on.  To date I have told about one hundred people. Feel free to talk about it. I just ask that you be compassionate about the situation and use your judgment. Some people can get really worked up about these type of things and I’d rather not be the target of a hate crime, maliciousness or just plain rude e-mails.


Q: I have questions I want to ask you, but I’m afraid I’m going to upset or offend you, what should I do?

A: I have a good sense of humor. As long as the question is coming from a place of respect and love and is not malicious or hateful then just ask me! I want to make sure my friends are as comfortable as possible and that means answering their questions.


Q: I want to start calling you something other than Justin but I’m not ready/don’t think it’s time to start calling you April. Any suggestions?

A: my brother calls me asshole or shithead. But those endearing terms are reserved for him. I’m pretty open to anything that works. AJ (april/justin), J, A, you, as I get ideas or something sticks I’ll update this one.

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