To my friends

I have received so many wonderful and heartfelt notes from my friends recently and I am overwhelmed with how amazing everyone is. I do wish to make one statement though.

I know this is not an easy thing to deal with for anyone. In many ways this is like the death of a person. Although I will always be me inside, it is completely different packaging and even some different mannerisms. It’s going to take time for everyone to get used to. All I’m asking from my friends is their honesty. As long as we are all honest about what is going on and how we are feeling, things will be fine.

Not every friendship will be able to endure this in the long run. I know this from reading accounts of so many other transgendered people. It’s a sad part of any transition and I don’t want to loose any of my friends, Worse than loosing friends would be always feeling awkward around each other. I do hope everyone will at least try because I am ultimately the same person inside and I hope that is enough.



I am happy to report that three years after I started my transition, and well over a year since I consider it having been completed, my friends and family remain mostly the same. As is normal in life, some friendships have drifted. I account for this mostly through lives changing and locations moving and not directly as a result of my transition. Outside of a couple isolated people, everyone has adapted well. I am happy to have such true friends who have, for the most part, gifted me with their honesty. It’s the honest discussions and not taking things too personal that have helped us all get to the other side. Very few people who have ever transitioned can boast of one that went so smooth. Thank you all for your friendship.

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