A basic website that addresses many common questions and reactions to finding out the news that someone you know is transgendered. It also has a resource page of helpful links.

American Psychological Association

another link addressing common questions

Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico

a great New Mexico resource center:


Professionals in the field:

Dr. Toby Meltzer

Dr. Meltzer performed my two bottom surgeries.

Dr. Ousterhout

Dr. O performed my facial and breast surgeries.

Dr. Ace Lipson

Dr. Lipson in my Endocrinologist in DC

Martha Harris, LCSW

Martha is a fabulous counselor in northern VA



She’s Not There by Jennifer Finey Boylan - This is a wonderful book that is a very easy read. The author is co-chair of English at Colby College and has undergone a gender shift from male to female as I am doing.

I’m Looking Through You: Growing up Haunted: A Memoir - another wonderfully written book by Boylan. This book is not specifically about being transgendered, however as a memoir of her life it is certainly included as a theme.

True Selves: Understanding Transsexualism–For Families, Friends, Coworkers, and Helping Professionals - a great nuts and bolts book that explains terms and answers many questions in a very direct and honest way. It is written by a Professor of clinical sexology who is also a long time gender therapist. It is co-written by a journalist who has conducted extensive research on transsexualism.

Wrapped in Blue: a Journey of Discovery by Donna Rose - another great memoir from a person who has struggled with gender dysphoria her entire life and finally made her gender shift from male to female. She grew up as an athlete and was never really an unhappy person, rather lived a wonderful childhood and early adulthood yet knew she wasn’t truly herself, a story I can easily relate to.

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