There are the surgeries I have undergone as part of my transition.

Facial Feminization: I will be undergoing this surgery on August 10th, 2011 in San Francisco. It is designed to remove some of the hard male features and make my face appear softer as a female face. It is a long and hard surgery. The doctor I will be using is the pioneer of this surgery that reshapes bones and is regarded as the best there is.

  • my forehead will be advanced a little and eyebrows tightened
  • the bone protrusion above the eyes will be shaved down as a females is
  • my nose will be reduced to proper proportions
  • my chin will be shortened (yup, a slice take out of it ) and my jaw will be rounded
  • on a good note, apparently I have very nice cheek bones!

Electrolysis: I go to weekly electrolysis appointments to remove facial hair. This will eventually go to unwanted body hair as well such as the chest.

Breast Augmentation: As a transgender woman on hormone therapy I am expected to grow breast about one size less than my mother. That means I ain’t gettin’ much. I am planning to have the breast augmentation done at the same time as the facial work. No, I won’t be going big, I’m thinking a B-C cup. This will be done the day after my facial feminization surgery by the same doctor. Silcone. ;)

Final Surgery… THE surgery: this only happens after living full time as a female for at least a year. I could do this earlier in a place like Thailand as they do not have the same requirements, however I do expect I will be doing this domestically and thus will be waiting for some time, at least until August of 2012.

This surgery was performed in April of 2012. I opted for a two stage bottom surgery to obtain results that look 100% natural. The second “prettying up down there” surgery took place in May of 2013.


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