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thoughts on male priviledge from the other side…

Here is an interesting article on male privilege from the opposite view point of mine. A few posts down I have a video where I discuss this topic. It leads me to ask the question, is male priviledge just a … Continue reading

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is being a man or woman easier? and other questions answered.

This video answers a set of questions revolving around the differences in males and females and my perspective on it. It’s a little more informal than the last video I posted as I didn’t memorize my script. I wanted to … Continue reading

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I am a transgender woman

  I don’t often fall into these type of things that everyone is doing, but this time I thought it would be fun to go with the trend and create a poster of who I am as a transgender woman. … Continue reading

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I just noticed an add on TV about vaginal yeast infection. I’ve seen these commercials before, we all have. I just realized I have never had to care about them before and pretty soon I’m gonna care about them quite … Continue reading

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Top ten reasons I like waking up in the morning being a chick…

A friend wanted to know what the top ten reasons I like being a girl are. I’m not sure these are my final answer, but they are the ones I came up with for now. I reserve the right to … Continue reading

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