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Fitting in…

It’s not quite eleven o’clock tonight. I spent the day after five thirty at the parking lot, and later the actual building, of the Santa Fe Opera House. There was a great group of people I hung out with, a … Continue reading

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I am a transgender woman

  I don’t often fall into these type of things that everyone is doing, but this time I thought it would be fun to go with the trend and create a poster of who I am as a transgender woman. … Continue reading

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I have to laugh…

There are a few areas in life right now that I’m pretty sure I hold a trump card. One of those places is when someone makes a comment about having the “Best Brother,” the “Best Mom or Dad,” the “Best … Continue reading

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the good and bad of the holiday season…

Holidays seem to be a great time during a transition to get royally pissed off at people. People who deserve your pissed off-ed-ness. Yes, pissed off-ed-ness is a word. Unfortunately, in this situation there is no winning, all it does … Continue reading

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